Benjamin Mitchell

"Encouraging double loop learning when adopting kanban"


 Teams and organisations adopting Kanban are striving to become more effective. Double Loop Learning is focussed on increasing group effectiveness by ensuring that the adoption process leads to publicly testable information, free and informed choice and internal commitment. This talk will look at the challenges that occur when the introduction of Kanban can be potentially embarrassing or threatening to the people involved. It will highlight the Mutual Learning Model as an approach that is likely to increase the chance Kanban adoptions will produce long-term effective changes based on Double Loop Learning.

These concepts will be illustrated from first-hand experiences gained from working with teams internationally.

The talk will also cover situations where Kanban adoptions have been more consistent with the Unilateral Control Model and how this can have unintended negative consequences.


Speaker: Benjamin Mitchell

Level: Intermediate

Time slot: Tuesday, 15:10 - 15:50

Room: Flow


Double Loop Learning (Benjamin Mitchell)
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